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Under pressure from citizens who are used to unmetered water, Comox Valley politicians have balked at the idea of water meters that are essential in the effort to conserve and use wisely our precious and most essential  resource.  However, without water metering there is little incentive to conserve water. Communities that have installed water metering, have seen an immediate 50% reduction in water use—primarily in chlorine water that would otherwise been wasted on lawns and landscape. If we are to meet the goal of 30% reduction of water consumption from 2008 levels (agriculture exempt) water metering is a necessary key that will drive innovation in water conservation and reward those who conserve water use through innovative but widely available water conservation techniques. It will also save citizens money by easing the pressure to find more, ever more expensive, water sources.

According to the Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy: “Agriculture will be an increasing draw on the water supplies of the region as the food industry grows.  Agriculture needs to take all efforts possible to reduce water consumption; including using treated water where appropriate in place of potable sources.  We could drastically reduce water use with  landscape design and management guidelines for new developments to encourage low irrigation landscapes.”

It seems incomprehensible that we waste this most precious resource as we do no other.